Learn simple piping tips and techniques to surprise your friends and family with professional looking treats.  Students will practice their techniques on parchment and as a final exercise they will decorate a yellow sheet cake to take home after class.

Students will receive an 8 piece piping set containing 6 piping tips, a reuable pasty bag and a quick coupler.


Our classroom has 6 socially distant work stations for either single students or co-habitating couples.  Class fees are per person.  


Class is limited to 8 Students

Cake Decorating Piping Skills - Saturday May 29th 2-4PM

  • Kari Ray has lived in 24 houses, 7 states and 4 countries. Her husband retired from the military in 2014 and with their 3 daughters they moved to the Middle East. It was there that Kari's love for cooking found a foothold in ethnic cuisines. She has cooked alongside, learning from top chefs in France, Spain and India as well as in the humble homes of refugee women from around the world.  She has recently moved to Ithaca and is excited to share her passion for foreign foods with you.

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