This Giraffe Teapot tells a tall tale of sitting with friends as you admire the beauty of handmade things.
So sit back and relax with your favorite tea!  Or have your new animal friend relax on a shelf in your home, greeting all who enter and waiting to be admired!

Dunn Animal Pottery - Giraffe Teapot

  • Wheel-thrown, assembled, sculpturally altered, hand-carved and hand-painted pottery.  Christy Crews Dunn sure does a lot to bring these animal teapots to life!  Each teapot is born with its own unique personailty and slightly varied look, as each is made by hand.
    All measurements are approxiamate as each teapot will turn out slightly different than the last.

    • Handmade in Virginia, United States
    • High-Fired Stoneware
    • Lead and Calcium Free
    • 15.5" Tall (Fixed handle)
    • 4.5" Wide
    • 12" Long
    • Shipped

    CARE: Hand-wash in mild soap and water.  Avoid Thermal Shock.

    This animal teapot is NOT made for stovetop use. While you are heating your water you need to warm your teapot in some other fashion. The simplest way is to warm your teapot by filling it with hot water out of the tap. Make sure that the sides of the teapot are warm before pouring the near boiling water into it. Then you can steep your tea and enjoy ityour tea in the traditional manner.
    When you are handling hot pottery ware do not place it on a cold metal or stone surface but on wood or cloth. If you keep in mind the bane of sudden and extreme temperature change your pottery vessel should have a long and functional life. Enjoy it.