"When people look into the faces of the Kokeshi dolls and find a connection, we have succeeded in bringing out the spirit of the wood and have given it personality."
-Jacob and Lisa Hodsdon

Approximate measurements: 5" tall x 3" x 3"

Hodsdon Kokeshi Doll - #95

  • Jacob Hodsdon has been wood turning and carving for many years and draws inspiration from the natural beauty of wood. His goal is to find balance between the woods natural exterior and its refined inner beauty when turning Kokeshi.  Lisa Holt-Hodsdon is a Japanese-American artist who specializes in painting and design. Her mother is from Hachinohe, Japan and father from Boise, Idaho.  Inspiration from years of travel and influences from American and Japanese cultures, have helped her grow and evolve as an artist.  Together they create Hodsdon Kokeshi Dolls, from tree to finished doll.

    "For us there are so many efforts to sustain and support wood art and Kokeshi tradition and culture.
    Our approach is simply to work with our hands and the raw materials to create a little Kokeshi personality with beautiful woods
    We love to look for the natural movement and details of the wood.
    We are able to use tiny burls and limbs that would otherwise be discarded.
    Utilizing these natural characteristics each kokeshi develops it’s own spirit and personality." - Jacob and Lisa Hodsdon

    • Handmade in Ithaca, NY
    • Painted by hand
    • One of a kind original
    • Artist's story card included
    • Shipped

    CARE:  Simply dust or wipe with a soft cloth to clean.