These cairns, born in fire and light, represent accomplishments, knowledge and experience gained, difficulties overcome, sanctuary and guidance for pathways yet to be traveled.

The cairn in this photo is lit from behind.

Leppla Speckled Glass Cairn

  • David and Melanie Leppla have both been working with glass professionally for over 25 years. David's professional awards include a Fulbright Award to Sweden, a Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship, and two New Jersey Council for the Arts Awards (including the distinguished artist award).  Melanie's honors include two fellowship grants from The Creative Glass Center of America and a fellowship grant from the New Jersey Counsel for the Arts.  Combining their skills they create beautiful glass sculptures, rich in both culture and color, ready to become the centerpiece of any room.
    History of Cairns:

    Cairns are man made piles of stones with a rich history dating back to the Bronza Age.  Cairns were important markers in many societies; serving to guide travelers, memoralize the departed and commemorate events.  The custom may have originated in Scotland where it is traditional to carry a stone from teh bottom of the hill to place on the cairn at the top.  Stupas in India and Tibet probably began as simple piles of stones and now mark the resting places of Buddhist saints and Lamas.  In Scandinavia, cairns, often painted white for visibility, are used to guide sailors into safe harbors.

    • Made in Vermont
    • Approx. 10"x7"x4"
    • Artist's story card included
    • Shipped

    CARE: Wipe gently with a soft cloth.

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