Floorcloths are part of our American Heritage. They are also called floor painted canvas, oil cloths, floor canvases, checquered canvas crumbcloths or druggets. There will be 5 classes where I will give you information on the history of floor cloths and step by step instruction on how to create a floor cloth. The first class will be an introduction to floor cloths, cutting and priming of canvas, sanding between layers and picking out design of your floor cloth. Second class we will be sizing your canvas with sharpies and square edges than you will paint your base layer on the canvas. Third and fourth class we will work on the design. Fifth class we will be polyurethaning the canvas.

Make Your Own Painted Floorcloth - Wednesdays 10/6 - 11/3 5PM-6:30PM

  • Hello! 

    My name is Mary Beth Ihnken, a prolific artist with a fine arts degree concentrated in painting. Since 1994, I’ve had the pleasure of creating commissioned work for homes, museums, galleries and public spaces throughout the Northeast. I have also enjoyed utilizing a variety of outlets for selling my work - galleries, gift shows and at Ithaca’s renowned Farmer’s Market. My mural and exhibit work in the past 26 years has blossomed, blanketing public spaces throughout the region. I continue to be overwhelmed by the immediate glowing reaction of the community to a new mural; it is both thrilling and inspiring. I love painting with people gathered around me, interacting with those whose daily lives will be touched by my work is profoundly satisfying.

  • All class fees are non-refundable except in the case of class cancellation due to severe weather or instructor illness.

    A credit for a reschedule may be available at the discretion of the instructor and only up to 10 days before the scheduled date of the class.