These Mullanium Bird Sculptures are perched between past and present, combining bird forms and antique found objects to create a timeless work of art anyone can enjoy.

Mullanium Bird Sculpture BD524X

  • Jim and Torri Mullan's fascination with birds and antique found objects was the inspriation for this collection of sculptures.  When they combined their original song bird carvings, which were passed on to them in 1991, with their vast collection of found objects, they saw new personalities arise.  Each bird has a character large enough to stand out in any room.  The unusual antiques they use, such as croquet balls, binoculars, and toys, adds to the unique nature of these beautiful works of art.

    • Made in Florida
    • Extremely Limited Production
    • Hand painted body
    • Embellished with Vintage items
    • Approx. 7"x4.5"x3" (Measurement includes Feather)
    • Shipped

    CARE: To dust please use a soft, dry, clean cloth. 

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