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Sheep is sleep’s best friend, with his comforting, fluffy texture that will make you think of clouds. The brushed finish of sherpa fabric was definitely the right choice to capture Sheep’s curly fleece feel. This one-of-a-kind natural-tone sherpa is made in Montréal from organic cotton and recycled polyester. With hooves and eyes in jersey and a leatherette nose, this plushy is soft.

PRICES MAY VARY SLIGHTLY when order is placed; this is caused by the Canadian exchange rates.

Velvet Moustache - Sheep

  • Velvet Moustache is a tasteful blend of ecology, ethics, fun and creativity put together by Majorie Labrèque-Lepage.  Velvet Moustache stands out through its original designs, its meticulous quality control, and its local-based manufacturing process in Montreal. It continues to grow, encompassing its core values and contributing to the rise of the “slow couture” movement. Velvet Moustache is Majorie’s bold and artistic way to color the day-to-day.  It is a place where adults and kids come together, where nature invites itself on our couch or our bed.

    • Made in Montreal, Canada
    • Constructed like a cushion cover - with a zip closure at the bottom
    • 17"X 17" 100% polyester cushion insert inside
    • Shipped

    Cover Washing : Machine wash inside out your creature in cold water using the delicate cycle with like-colours only, don't leave it soaking!! ALWAYS remember to take the cushion out of the cover before washing the cover. Never use bleach.

    Cover Drying : For best results, right side up, flat to dry – do not hang, the pegs could leave a mark on the fabric. If you insist on putting it in the dryer, do so using the delicate cycle with cold air.

    Cushion washing : Surface washing, using a damp cloth, works best.

    Cushion drying : Allow to air dry. NEVER put the cushion in the drying machine, it could be severely damaged or even melt!